gm - September 9th, 2023

gm 👋 Overall volumes were softer on the day, with Ethereum just under $5M, Mythos and Polygon at $1M each. DMarket is the top collection with $1M, followed by DraftKings with $700k. BAYC and MAYC have low volumes of around $400k each, with a combined 68 trades and ~30 unique buyers/sellers. A CryptoPunk was the top sale at $83k, as a BAYC goes for $60k right behind it. Nouns top out the rest of the top five selling for $58k each. Speaking of Nouns, many holders are adding to their vote to rage quit the DAO. A wallet, rumored to be Machi, accumulated more Nouns overnight, with a portfolio now of up to $11M in only Nouns - this may be in anticipation for the DAO to return community funds at a profit. Machi now owns ~150 Apes and has accumulated a stash of $APE, bringing DAO proposals into light. Lastly, Deadfellaz has launched a gaming mint called the 'RIP TCG VAULT'.

Someone is accumulating lots of Nouns!