gm - September 8th, 2022

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Crypto markets take a breather and rebound a bit as Bitcoin tracks just above $19k on $31B of volumes. More threads and notices circulate on the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 merge — ETH is +4.7% to $1609 on $18B of volume. TradFi on the other hand seems to have an increasing underbelly of volatility creeping up as more data points emerge. ECB hiked

rates up 75bps, Swiss citizens may end up in jail if they heat their dwelling above 19c this winter and US Continuing Jobless claims continues to rise. DXY index finally relaxed and sits at 110.

NFT markets had a healthy $25M volume day, with EVM-NFTs trading $12.5M and Solana-NFTs trading $9M overall. ABC (Solana) was the top project with $2.1M in turnover, and y00ts (another Sola

na project) posted de

cent volume of $1.2M. Otherdeed and BAYC were a combined $2.7M, while ENS continued in the top-5 with $1.3M.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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NFT headlines:

NFT sneaker game maker Stepn to set up first office in Hong Kong’s government-owned Cyberport as regional headquarters

They built a Minecraft crypto empire. Then it all came crashing down

Solana NFT Startup Dust Labs Raises $7M as y00ts Tops NFT Charts

NFT Viking Game Goes Bust Amid Crypto Collapse, Mismanagement Allegations

OpenSea and’s Soulbound ‘Minter Token’ Honors NFT Innovators

NFT: the latest news on Unstoppable Domains, BAYC, Nifty Gateway and more

EIP 3525 could open up a whole new world of use cases within crypto that are still being uncovered.

Introducing Collectives: A New Social Networking and Community Building Primitive (ERC-721M) for Web3


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