gm - September 7th, 2023

gm 👋 No major changes to volumes day over day. Ethereum NFTs were $6.3M, Polygon $1.7M, and Solana $1.2M. DraftKings is the top collection with $1.4M on close to 40k transactions with 4600 buyers. BAYC comes next with $1.1M in trades from 11 unique buyers/sellers. DMarket also had $1.1M. 2/5 of the top five NFT sales were Nouns, going for $53k-55k, and an Art Blocks going for $54k.

Nakamigos are up 15% this week as they gear up for their second season - no official announcements on what just yet on Twitter. Yuga Labs Rift for HV-MTLs has been pushed back. There's more news flow on crypto overall, as Cathie Woods makes a splash with ARK Invest filing for an ETH spot ETF, the first of its kind of filing. Despite this, ETH and BTC spots are unchanged as the chart for BTC looks scary as it heads towards a death cross - usually a signal for downward pressure.

Nakamigos NFTs are up 15% on the week - chart thanks for NFTstats.eth