gm - September 7th, 2022

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Crypto markets are softer overall in reaction to rumors of Mt. Gox BTC bags starting to unwind, and the pop in DXY in anticipation of the Fed raising rates by 75bps in the next meeting. DXY smashes into 110.75, the highest seen since 2002, and USDJPY crashes to 144.99 as a result. The reality is setting in as well with energy costs rising globally heading into winter and non-stop mass media newsflow of inflation. Happy days! Bitcoin is -4.8% to $18855 on $35B of volume, and Ethereum is -6.6% to $1536 on $19B of volume.

NFT volumes were $20M on the day, but EVM-NFTs were a low $8.5M while Solana-NFTs had a blockbuster day of $6.3M. Polygon also popped with $3.8M in total volumes, driven by Uniswap V3 NFTV1 being $3.7M in turnover. y00ts mint t00b saw $1.8M in turnover on its debut, and ABC was $1.2M. ENS is the top EVM-based NFT collection on the day with $800k exchanging hands. Sorare announces an NBA fantasy league as it expands operations into the US — $670k in turnover today.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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