gm - September 6th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes tick up, as Ethereum NFTs print $6.3M with Mythos and Polygon at $1.1M. BAYC saw $1.1M across 42 trades and only 15 unique buyers and sellers. DMarket also has $1.1M (I promise these are not typos!) with Gods Unchained following with $900k. CryptoPunks are the day's top three NFT sales, ranging from $77k to $87k.

Pudgy Penguins has sold $10M worth of toys in seven months, demonstrating revenue outside of secondary collections and metaverse narrative is possible. Mr. Beast's Creator League has been postponed on the back of the NFT backlash by their community. Heads up - a major ApeCoin unlock coming on September 21st of about $50M worth. In tokens, both $PRIME and $ENJ are up 20% on the day. $PRIME catches a bid on the back of enthusiasm behind the Parallel game. $ENJ jumps as its blockchain is set to launch for blockchain games on September 13th. Lastly, ZED RUN is adding gambling on digital horses - it always comes back to gambling.

ApeCoin unlock is coming on September 21st of about $50M in tokens