gm - September 5th, 2023

gm 👋 Almost have to double-check check the data isn't stale, but volumes look similar again today! Ethereum NFTs trade $5.8M, Mythos Chain posting $1.2M, and Solana $830k. DMarket leads in collections with $1.2M (100% of Mythos again), with BAYC behind at $940k. MAYC has $725k across 92 trades but only 25 unique buyers and sellers. The top sales were a pair of CryptoPunks at $100k+. A Beeple art piece sold for $96k, and BAYC apes round out the top five.

Yuga has launched a new cipher puzzle for prizes to be won - to participate you need to have a specific Ordinal Wallet, and if you win, you'll need to fill out tax forms to claim., the largest online crypto casino, has lost more than $40M+ in what seems to be a hack on their ETH and BSC hot wallets. The team claims it is not a private key leak, and could be a breach in a third-party transaction servicer.

Yuga's new TwelveFold Prizes