gm - September 4th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes across the top 10 chains are below $10M again - Ethereum had $5.4M, Mythos $1.2M and Solana $800k. DMarket is on top again with $1.2M, followed by BAYC with $620k on 16 trades - only 10 buyers exist. Sorare prints a low $400k, and the rest of the collection volumes are low. The top sale is a CryptoPunk at $111k, with a rare appearance by ENS with the handle "govalpha" trading at $93k (PR stunt?). The rest of the top sales are BAYC ranging from $44k to $61k.

Machi has purchased another Mega Mutant (MAYC) for 250 ETH. Otherwise a slower news flow day - onchain volumes continue to drag lower along with stables market caps.

Top 10 NFT collection moves on the day