gm - September 3rd, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes tick lower again to finish the weekend, with the top chains printing under $10M in total. Ethereum has $5.2M, Mythos $1.3M, and Solana $750k. The top collection is DMarket with $1.3M in trades across 74k transactions. BAYC and MAYC were second and third with a combined $1.2M in trades - there were only 57 buyers and sellers on both. The top sale on the day is a Fidenza at $122k, followed by four BAYC priced at $53k ~ $65k.

BTC and ETH held up over the weekend, still trading a touch under $26k and $1630 respectively. However, data shows the number of Bitcoins on CEXs is at multi-year lows, with withdrawals outweighing deposits for the first time. Memeland is issuing a $MEME token, raising $15M at a $69M valuation. $BLUR token has hit an all-time low of 18.5 cents with a market cap of $165M. Mr. Beast runs a promotion for Feastibles for those who purchase his NFT collection, but some influencers are dropping out as they didn't know blockchain was involved. Lastly, Arcade processes a $1.1M loan against a $2.5M collection of Supreme items, collateralized and wrapped up into an NFT.

The Blur team and investors continue to sell vested tokens on a monthly basis