gm - September 30th, 2022

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Crypto is calm in the past 24hrs, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum unchanged at $19.4k and $1330 respectively. The market cap of Bitcoin sits at $370B while Ethereum is at $160B. Both had lackluster turnover on the day. Regulatooors continue to stay busy with the latest being CTFC suing the founder of Digitex, a crypto exchange, for having never registered with the agency. Ian Balina (who was here in 2017–18?) has launched a GoFundMe to try and go head-on against the SEC which earlier this month filed a lawsuit against him — he’s raised $1192 so far.

NFT turnover sits at $12M, with ETH-NFTs at $8M and Solana-NFTs at $2M. CryptoPunks sits atop $1M in volumes, with the rest looking like the usual suspects and no stand-outs. Recent daily volumes on Sudoswap have hovered around $500–750k, with 7dma of daily-active-users around 300.

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