gm - September 28th, 2022

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Crypto markets overall give up the gains from yesterday, with Bitcoin falling back to $19.1k on elevated volumes of $50B today. Ethereum is -5.7% to $1313 on $18B as it follows suit. The Bank of France held an online panel with Jerome Powell, Christine Lagarde, and BIS’s Agustin Carstens on the topic of regulation in DeFi and stablecoins — Powell commented, “In any case, wherever [these crypto activities] take place, as DeFi expands and starts to touch more and more retail customers, there’s a real need for more appropriate regulation to be in place.”

NFT volumes were $15M on the day, with $10M in ETH-NFTs and $3M in Solana-NFTs. BAYC +MAYC printed $2.3M collectively, while CryptoPunks slides into second again with $1.5M in turnover. Dodoor NFT is a new collection to show up at the top with $725k on 516 transactions.

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