gm - September 27th, 2022

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Crypto markets enjoy a bounce following the broader macro markets as the US Dollar ends its rally — for the time being. Bitcoin is up +5% to $20250 on a whopping $47B of volume. Ethereum is up in similar percentage terms to $1390 on a less stellar $15B of turnover. Despite a breather in overall markets, the Case-Shiller index records the first drop in housing prices since 2012, showing a drop of -2.3% from July to August.

First drop in housing prices in 10.5 years

NFT volumes are back to ‘normal’ on $15M of turnover, with ETH-NFTs at $9M and Solana-NFTs at $4M. Critters Cult tops the charts again, printing $1.3M in volume on 1555 transactions. BAYC is a close second with $1.2M in trades, and CryptoPunks follows with $0.9M. Mastercard has announced a special debit card issuance for verified BAYC holders with their owned Ape’s NFT artwork as a cover. Otherwise no big diversion from the usual suspects.

Mastercard’s rendering of special debit cards to Blue-Chip NFT holders

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