gm - September 24th, 2022

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Crypto markets are pretty stable, as Bitcoin is right on $19k with $34B of volume. Ethereum is relaxed at $1325 on $17B of volume over a quiet weekend. Regulatooors continue to hammer the crypto industry, this time with the CTFC suing Ooki DAO, a DAO which bZx founders started to decentralize control of the bZx protocol. Basically, the CTFC is saying the DAO is an unincorporated entity and its governance doesn’t matter — this is spooking DeFi and DAO delegates as it may set a precedent for how regulators and lawmakers treat DAOs overall.

NFT volumes come back down, with $11M trading over the past 24 hours. $7M printed in ETH-NFTs, while $2M worth was traded in Solana-NFTs. BAYC takes the top spot with $1.1M in turnover, the rest are the usual suspects.

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