gm - September 22nd, 2022

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Ethereum keeps see-sawing around the $1300 level, with it now trading at $1268 on a healthy $23B of volumes. Bitcoin is just under $19k at $18944 on a whopping $48B of volumes. JPMorgan put out a report/statement on Ethereum post-merge, calling for concerns on centralization risk of node operators — of course, the data is irrefutable, but it does seem like the kettle calling the pot black here. After USDJPY went beyond 145.50 today, the BOJ finally stepped in to make a 300 pip move lower to 142.5, with it now trading 142.26. Kuroda has already said there won’t be policy changes for the next 2–3 years, so most don’t think the yen holds for long.

NFT volumes drop significantly, -43% compared to yesterday, at $9M in total. EVM-NFTs were down -50% to $5.7M, while Solana-NFTs were back down to $2M turnover. Sudoswap volumes haven’t jumped as well, sitting at $0.7M turnover, so overall interest was down bigly today. Art Blocks makes a jump back on top with $0.9M in volumes, with an impressive 267 transactions (on 179 buyers). Sorare, CryptoPunks, and ENS all had $0.5M, and Gods Unchained Immutable sneaks into second with $0.7M.

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