gm - September 15th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes normalise back down, as Ethereum NFTs trade under $6M. Mythos at $1.3M driven by DMarket which was 100% of the volume again. Polygon has $860k, mostly covered by DraftKings which had $530k. Bitcoin actually made a surprise showing with $830k in volume as BRC-20 NFTs are moving. The top sale on the day was an Autoglyph at $162k, with a Cardano NFT called ADA Jam coming in second at a $45k sale. A BRC-20 was third at a price of $43k.

As Token 2049 wraps up, the key takeaways are VCs still have a tight purse, as they aren't deploying capital as much as 2021-22. Funds aren't doing so well, and surviving funds are down half on AUM. Lots of events where the speakers are dialing in from Zoom, and most participants are discussing the unfolding Binance situ. Projects are running out of runway and will be looking to raise soon - those with cash are stuck, as the road to monetization still remains to be selling tokens. Pudgy Penguins is holding their event tonight to wrap up.

In NFTs, all eyes are on the AIP made by Machi for $12M in buybacks of Yuga NFT assets to donate to museums. Yesterday, for the first time, Friend Tech Keys outsold the number of NFTs sold when counted for items above 0.03 ETH - according to NFTstats.eth. Most of the buyers of Friend Tech Keys are buying their own account keys, but there are signs of diversification starting.

Keys have outsold NFTs for the first time yesterday