gm - September 13th, 2023

gm 👋 A bit of a wild day in terms of the top NFT sales. An Autoglyphs goes for $158k, while a BRC-20 NFT goes for $37k, followed by a Cardano NFT called EarthNode going for $30k. An eclectic mix of NFTs today, including a BNB Chain NFT called StarCraft Planets going for $26k and a Polygon NFT called EquerusMysteryPack for $20k. Ethereum NFTs traded $6.3M, Polygon $1.1M, and Solana $930k. DraftKings is the top collection with $880k, DMarket in second at $850k and Milady volume screaming higher with $740k as the floor price drops 50% on the back of the unfolding drama.

371 Nouns have voted to rage-quit the DAO, which is almost half of the total minted Nouns to date. Stoner Cats 2 LLC was charged by the SEC for an unregistered NFT-based crypto offering, raising $8M to fund the Stoner web series, and they agreed to a $1M penalty and cease-and-desist. In crypto news, Binance US's CEO has resigned, marking the latest in a string of executives leaving the conglomerate. Lastly, in non-crypto news, Mexico revealed it has found two mummified aliens in Peru, and scientists have verified their DNA as non-terrestrial - they are carbon-dated to be over 1,000 years old.

Is the Mexico-revealed mummified alien from Peru real?