gm - September 12th, 2023

gm 👋 Ethereum NFTs were $5.7M on the day, followed by Mythos with $1.1M and Polygon with $900k. DMarket leads again at $1.1M, with BAYC at $580k on 16 trades. Illuviators Accessories, a collection on ImmutableX, had $480k. The top NFT sale is a vePearl going for $97k, followed by BAYCs and CryptoPunks in the range of $73~85k. Konami has just announced a new NFT game called Project Zircon - its name appears in YuGiOh and Castlevania. Milady collection parent company Remilia had some drama, as the lead dev siphoned out $1M from the revenue it generated from Bonkler. On top of this, the company was sued by other devs, and through discovery Crypto Twitter found the founder is working at Palantir, an organization known to data mine for federal agencies like the CIA and FBI. Otherwise, all eyes are on the failed launch of $BANANA token as some malicious code in the contracts allowed sellers to keep tax tokens even after selling their $BANANA - they claim two rounds of audits were conducted but this wasn't discovered.

Konami's new NFT game called Project Zircon