gm - September 11th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes are still under $10M across the top 10 chains. Ethereum NFTs saw $4.7M, Mythos $1M and Polygon $800k. The top collection is DMarket again with $1M in turnover, while DraftKings was a distant $550k. BAYC saw $540k with 17 trades, across 10 unique buyers. The top NFT sale was a $100k CryptoPunk, with Nouns filling out the rest of the top six with prices around $56k-58k.

NFTstats is on Crypto Twitter pointing out that has paid out more to 'creators' than the NFT ecosystem has by roughly 3x - the total so far is $500k. Continuing the Nouns DAO saga, 40% of holders have elected to rage-quit, putting early buyers in a pickle as they've paid close to 3~5x the current value of newly minted Nouns. Animoca is planning to develop a digital ID and point system for web3, supporting the Mocaverse ecosystem.

Friend Tech has paid more to 'creators' than NFTs have