gm - September 10th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes remained flat throughout the weekend. Ethereum NFTs were $5.5M, Mythos $1.1M and Solana $850k. DMarket is the top collection with $1.1M, while BAYC comes next with $770k on 20 trades across 9 unique buyers. CryptoPunks makes a rare appearance with $650k across 6 trades - 2 of them are the stolen punks from the Vitalik hack overnight, with the hoodie punk going for $252k and the girl punk $93k. Punks pretty much dominated the top sales today, though one BAYC snuck in at $81k in value.

Shaq has been sued over NFTs again, this time for his participation and co-founding in the Solana NFT collection 'Astrals'. Art NFTs are seeing some upside, as Winds of Yawanawa trade at 8.5 ETH and Monument Game at 7.8 ETH - upcoming projects Fewoworld by Fewocious and Distance by Mapan are worth keeping an eye on. The Noun DAO rage quit continues, as the maths make sense - new Nouns are going for ~30 ETH, while the treasury has 35.5 ETH for each Noun IF all were to be redeemed. Lastly, the Mocaverse NFTs are up ~44%+ as they head into Moca2049.

Hackers sent a fishing link, and managed to drain two CryptoPunks