gm - October 8th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $7M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $3.4M 2. Mythos NFTs: $1.3M 3. Solana NFTs: $0.8M Collections 1. DMarket: $1.3M 2. DraftKings: $0.4M 3. BAYC: $0.3M (7 trades, 6 buyers) Top sales CryptoPunks #3121: $73k DMarket #28...815: $11k SUPER Boost: $6k ---

Super low turnover in NFTs over the weekend. The top three NFT sales didn't even cross $100k in total value. DMarket and DraftKings are the top collections again, showing gambling still rules. Lots of commentary around Luca Netz being a rugger through his various advisory positions with failed NFTs over the years - while he served as a marketing specialist, some tactics were called into question. An 8-minute video of Luca detailing his execution methods demonstrates his thinking. Otherwise, Crypto Twitter is now full of political experts as the Israeli-Hamas conflict escalated over the weekend, with Israel declaring war.