gm - October 6th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $8M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $4.5M 2. Mythos NFTs: $1.3M 3. Solana NFTs: $1.0M Collections 1. DMarket: $1.3M 2. BAYC: $0.9M (18 trades, 15 buyers) 3. Sorare: $0.6M Top sales CryptoPunks #2367: $143k StarCraft Planets: $33k Ordinal Maxi Biz: $31k ---

Friend Tech has upgraded with a security patch on the verification feature via SMS as influencooors were getting SIM swapped. Blackbird has raised $24M led by a16z to bridge restaurants with web3. DraftKings continues to dominate daily volumes and has made $600k from their latest pack drop, Reignmakers. LV-based cookie company Last Crumb is teasing a cookie collab with Pudgy Penguins. Lastly, OpenSea has released a new feature for artists to create collections with a few clicks - the only problem is the community is in an uproar due to the hidden 10% fee on mints while taking away royalties.

OpenSea has released a new feature for artists, which has a 10% fee on mint