gm - October 6th, 2022

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Crypto markets look flat overall as the USD-relief-induced macro rally relaxes globally. Bitcoin is flat at $19.9k on $32B of turnover while Ethereum is at $1350 on recovering volumes of $10B. Reports of Celsius’s top three executives cashing out $42M right before the bankruptcy have got to be the clearest message to crypto where projects really have their interests. A ‘key aide’ to Do Kwon at Terra has been arrested by the Seoul Sothern District Prosecutor’s office.

NFT volumes feel the same, as ETH-NFTs print $10M turnover on the day and Solana-NFTs were $2M. CryptoPunks take the top spot with $1.3M in volume on 7 trades. BAYC + MAYC are about $2M collectively as Yuga makes announcements to put more effort towards community building. Sorare has $700k to their name, while Cool Cats has about $400k after the announcement Animoca has made a strategic investment.

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NFT headlines:

Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs Unveils Community Council to Help Shape Future Initiatives

Three Arrows Capital’s NFT collection to be liquidated

OpenSea to allow users to submit bulk NFT listings and purchases

Mainstream NFT adoption will be driven mostly by their utility

OpenSea Streamlines NFT Launches for Artists

Solana NFT Ecosystem’s September Growth Rivals Ethereum

Casper Introduces Enterprise-Grade NFT Standard

Ethereum Name Service: Here Are the 5 Most Expensive ENS Domains


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