gm - October 3rd, 2022

gm πŸ‘‹

Markets are pretty relaxed and slow, as Bitcoin trades at $19.2k, flat vs. yesterday on $22B volumes. Ethereum is at $1300 on $7.5B β€” still much lower vs. the norm in terms of turnover. News is circulating that Mashinsky, the CEO of Celsius, had pulled out $10M right before they locked funds from withdrawal. Kim Kardashian paid $1.3M to the SEC to settle charges relating to her promotion of EthereumMax β€” a slap on the wrist.

NFT volumes are $12M in the past 24hrs, with ETH-NFTs at $8M and Solana-NFTs at $2M. RENGA takes the top spot with $1.7M on 379 transactions β€” continuing momentum for a second day. Kitaro World had volumes double to $650k with 2900+ trades on the day. Sorare and NFT All Day had $1M combined, proving sports has its place in NFTs.

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