gm - October 31st, 2022

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Bitcoin celebrates its 14th birthday — Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper on October 31st, 2008. Also, Happy Halloween! Bitcoin is flat at $20.7k on $28B of volumes, and Ethereum is up +1.7% to $1620 on $12B of volumes. The Block reports SBF of FTX will get cashed out about $100M worth of Twitter stock as Elon takes over the company. SBF’s team had tried to set up a meeting with Elon, but the rocketeer passed saying he didn’t want to “have a laborious blockchain debate”. There is another legal battle for Do Kwon, this time in Singapore for $57M in damages, filed on behalf of 350 international investors.

Reddit Avatar cumulative sales reach $10M

NFT volumes are around $13M in total, with ETH-NFTs at $9M and Solana-NFTs at $1M. Gods Unchained with $800k in turnover puts ImmutableX on the map again. Polygon-NFTs shrink down to $200k as the hype and volumes on Reddit Avatars seem to normalize, although cumulative sales have reached $10M. BAYC, MAYC, and Otherdeed all make it into the top five today, with a cumulative turnover of $3M.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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