gm - October 27th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $12M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $8.2M 2. Solana NFTs: $1.2M 3. Mythos NFTs: $1.1M Collections 1. BAYC: $1.4M (23 trades, 20 buyers) 2. CryptoPunks: $1.2M 3. DMarket: $1.1M Top sales CryptoPunks #4759: $114k CryptoPunks #6594: $112k CryptoPunks #5062 $111k ---

The largest NFT-related news circulating today was the win from Yuga in the court case against Ryder Ripps. Yuga was awarded $1.6M in fines and attorney's fees to recoup losses from the Ryder Ripps version of the copy collection of BAYC. NFT volumes on the day were a healthy $12M, coming off from yesterday's euphoric $18M. Chuck E. Cheese, a name we haven't heard in a long time, has collaborated with VeeFriends and will celebrate Gary Vaynerchuck's 48th birthday across 500 locations (there are over 500 locations?!).

Chuck E. Cheese is going to help celebrate Gary V's 48th birthday