gm - October 26th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $18M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $12.9M 2. Mythos NFTs: $1.3M 3. Solana NFTs: $1.1M Collections 1. BAYC: $2.9M (55 trades, 32 buyers) 2. AOIEngine: $2.0M 3. DMarket: $1.3M Top sales CryptoPunks #9736: $152k BAYC #3963: $99k BAYC #7452: $95k ---

An explosive day in volume today, as Ethereum's turnover is basically $18M. BAYC had a strong show, hitting $3M in volume, a first in what seems like months with 55 trades. AIP-337, an ApeCoin DAO proposal to cut Special Council members' salaries by 50% has failed to pass, with 58% voting against - Machi voted 'For' while Mocaverse voted 'Against'. CryptoPunks posted $1M in volumes on the day. Andrew Tate made a 10-minute video explaining his stance on NFTs, basically claiming the 'nerds' are down bad and thinking the space is led by influencer clowns (his words, not mine!). Memeland has raised $10M from their tokens already.

Tate put out a 10-minute video dunking on NFTs