gm - October 24th, 2022

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Global markets take some time to reflect on what happened on Friday — a potential global central bank coordination to inject liquidity temporarily. It's quite evident BOJ did so at least, given USDJPY dropped below 150 all the way down to 147.68 but has crept back up to 148.77. Bitcoin is up a touch to $19.3k on $33B of volume, and Ethereum is up a healthy +2% to $1338 on $12B of volume. The new UK Prime Minister is crypto-friendly Rishi Sunak, but the industry is now wise enough to know to judge from actions vs. words.

NFT volumes are still under $10M over the past 24hrs. ETH-NFTs are $7M while Solana-NFTs are $800k. Sorare is on top with $1.2M of real volumes on 19,600 trades. CryptoPunks is in second place, with $900k in turnover and 9 trades in total. Azuki is within the top 5 still with $500k of volume, enjoying some lingering attention after the 8 PBT (Physical Backed Token) Skateboards sold over the weekend for a total of $2.5M.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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