gm - October 20th, 2022

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Crypto markets seem relatively stable with Bitcoin trading at $19.2k on $24B of volume and Ethereum at $1295 on $8B of volume. Ethereum has been ping-ponging between $1200-$1400 for a month now with no real sudden deviations in turnover. 30d volatility on Bitcoin is now even below the S&P index, with both realizing around the 26v mark. UK’s Liz Truss has resigned as PM amidst a rocky administration, crazy move on GBP, and ongoing energy crisis heading into winter.

NFT volumes remain unch day over day, trekking at about $12M as of now. ETH-NFTs have $9M in turnover while Solana-NFTs are at around $1M. Sorare is on top with $1.4M in trades, followed closely behind by BAYC at the same $1.4M of volume on 14 trades. A new name Dodoor NFT has slipped into the rankings with $650k in turnover, while Nyolings has slipped out with only $300k on the day.

Snapshot of Blue Chip NFTs

Blur has officially pushed to production and has airdropped BLUR tokens for all wallets which have traded NFTs in the past six months — the unlock happens in Jan of next year. With a sleek new interface, the Paradigm-backed exchange aggregator posts latency times better than Gems and even NFTnerds. Rarible has also released an aggregator solution, so shopping for NFTs on the marketplace will include listings from the usual top three (OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2). Coupled with Sudoswap, the next generation of NFT marketplaces is shaping up to match the quality of token exchanges.

Blur’s newly launched exchange aggregator
Rarible’s new aggregator feature

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