gm - October 17th, 2022

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Stocks are up and so are crypto — SPX is rallying 2.5% as well as Bitcoin, which is now trading at $19.5k on $23B of turnover. Ethereum naturally follows suit, trading at $1330 on $9B of volumes. Mastercard is getting deeper into the web3 game as it partners with Paxo to help banks with trading crypto. Lazarus has been targeting Japanese crypto firms, according to the FSA and Japan’s Police — historically Japanese firms have weaker security so this is to be expected.

NFT volumes hover around $9M, with ETH-NFTs at $7M and Solana-NFTs around $1M. BAYC takes the crown with $1.2M in volume across 13 trades, and Sorare continues its relevance in second place with $1M in turnover. The rest of the roster are the usual suspects, many found in the Cyan Blue-Chip PFP Vault.

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