gm - October 12th, 2022

gm πŸ‘‹

Bitcoin is up a touch to $19.1k on $25B, and Ethereum is +1.6% back to $1300 on $8B of turnover. According to Bitfinex analysts, the past three days have seen the most movement of Bitcoin and alts being transferred out of centralized exchanges in the past three months β€” usually a sign of unwinding to come. The 200-week moving average broke on the S&P500 index, another sign of the amount of risk-off recently β€” the index is down about 23% YTD.

NFT volumes are around $12M, with ETH-NFTs at $9M and Solana-NFTs at about $2M in turnover. BAYC and MAYC take the top slots, at $1.8M and $1M trading respectively. CryptoPunks is at $600k on 3 trades. Otherwise, no major movements in the top slots today.

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