gm - October 11th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $9M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $4.8M 2. Mythos NFTs: $1.3M 3. Solana NFTs: $1.0M Collections 1. DMarket: $1.3M 2. BAYC: $1.0M (24 trades, 18 buyers) 3. Gods Unchained Cards: $0.5M Top sales Koda #9976: $121k StarCarft Planets #1508: $33k Cross The Ages: $8k ---

Magic Eden teases everyone with a Pokemon gif hinting at some type of NFT-related listing or collection - perhaps Courtyard? Polygon's co-founder has raised an AIP which asks for $200k per year to develop the 'ApeChain', a zk layer-2 chain - mixed opinions all around. Friend Tech volumes have stabilized to around $4M a day, while Stars Arena drops hints that the app is going to restart soon.

Friend Tech daily volumes are now $4M, down from the peak of $20M