gm - November 3rd, 2023

gm 👋

NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $20M Ethereum NFTs: $11.9M Bitcoin NFTs: $4.2M Mythos NFTs: $1.1M

Collections The Captainz: $3.8M $SATS BRC-20: $2.7M BAYC: $1.9M (31 trades, 19 buyers)

Top sales CryptoPunks #4895: $110k Sorare #36...7749: $110k CryptoPunks #2215: $99k

--- - Crypto and the financial world realize SBF's verdict of being guilty on all 7 charges and await sentencing of a maximum of 110 years - Memecoin has an FDV of $1.9B on its debut; all eyes on $MEME in the NFT community. In the whitepaper, it is explicitly written that "MEME is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only." - BAYC merch drop happened overnight, with the tech failing twice and leaving many members unable to purchase hoodies

Captainz holders get airdropped $MEME tokens