gm - November 24th, 2022

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Ethereum has made a recovery back to $1200, a +3.5% move in 24hrs. Bitcoin is trading at $16581, basically flat over the day. Binance’s US unit is going to make a bid for the defunct Voyager after FTX will obviously fail on its rescue plan. Binance is also targeting $1B for a fund to buy up distressed crypto assets in the aftermath of 2022. The directors of the “Avengers” was hired by Amazon to create a miniseries on the collapse of FTX — that was quick! It’s reported that 134 companies affiliated with FTX so far have filed for bankruptcy.

NFT volumes tick up today with $16M trading. ETH-NFTs are$13M while Solana-NFTs are $2M. BAYC is on top once again with $4.3M in turnover across 35 trades — even in this market, BAYC #232 sold for $1M. Valhalla has some residue turnover following yesterday’s debut with $1.8M trading. DeGods comes next with $850k in trades. ApeCoin staking is on track to start on December 12th, though many are miffed the staking front-end won’t be available to US and Canadian residents due to “regulatory” reasons. It’s also worth mentioning MetaMask’s parent company Consensys sent out a privacy update via email detailing how it will collect users’ IPs for every transaction made.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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