gm - November 21st, 2022

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Total crypto market cap is now $836B. The market is soft and sentiment is turning bearish quite fast as its reported $3.1B is owed to creditors of FTX. Digital Currency Group’s solvency is in question, as an unknown account supposedly at Coinbase holds their funds (they claim funds are safu, with no proof). Ethereum is down -3.5% to $1134 while Bitcoin is holding on at $16170 to not break the $16k level. Paul Graham sends out an ominous tweet on apparently hearing a ‘systemic risk’ event is on the horizon from one of his friends.

General state of Twitter at the moment

NFT volumes are under $13M, with ETH-NFTs at $9M and Solana-NFTs miraculously at $2M. ImmutableX gets on the board with Gods Unchained posting $500k in turnover. BAYC, Otherdeeds, and MAYC are in the top 5, with a combined $3M in turnover. DeGods, LILY, and y00ts have $1.5M in combined volumes.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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