gm - November 20th, 2022

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Crypto markets are softer to end the weekend, as the FTX hackers are unwinding the stolen funds out of renBTC and ETH into Bitcoin. Ethereum is softer -3% to $1175 and Bitcoin hangs around $16500. Beeple released his new daily artwork, taking a shot at Tether with a large bomb and onlookers staring in awe.

Beeple’s latest artwork, taking a jab at Tether

NFT volumes are at $12M, with ETH-NFT at $8M and Solana-NFTs at $2M. ImmutableX posts $600k with Gods Unchained. BAYC takes the top spot again, but with only $900k in turnover on 11 trades. Sorare has $800k with hours to go until kick-off. LILY, a Solana-NFT project, makes a rare appearance in third with $800k in turnover. y00t posts $400k on the day.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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