gm - November 16th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $44M 1. Bitcoin NFTs: $21.7M 2. Ethereum NFTs: $9.9M 3. Arbitrum NFTs: $4.8M Collections 1. TokenVestingPlans: $3.4M 2. Mad Lads: $1.8M 3. BAYC: $1.0M (15 trades, 13 buyers) Top sales 1. CryptoPunks #3914: $163k 2. CryptoPunks #7160: $131k 3. BAYC #9360: $123k ---

- Ethereum volumes shrink day over day, challenged by Bitcoin and Arbitrum volumes - Solana isn't too far behind, as Mad Lads ignites excitement around NFTs for $SOL - Gaming marketplace G2A launches an NFT marketplace - Foobar and Delegate announce LiquidDelegate, a way to tokenize the utility of your NFT. You can separate the utility and sell it or loan it out to others - a sort of liquid way to rent out your NFTs. Cyan will be exploring use cases! releases a new feature to tokenize the utility of your NFTs