gm - November 14th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes on top 5 chains: $36M 1. Ethereum NFTs: $15.5M 2. Bitcoin NFTs: $14.1M 3. Solana NFTs: $2.2M Collections 1. BAYC: $5.6M (61 trades, 22 buyers) 2. DraftKings: $1.8M 3. The Captainz: $1.5M Top sales 1. CryptoPunks #3682: $171k 2. CryptoPunks #6000: $165k 3. Art Blocks #78...732: $162k ---

- Bitcoin NFTs continue to print volumes, but mostly through BRC-20s (which again are more akin to ERC-20, rather than ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFTs) - Captainz trades at almost a 70% discount to current $MEME market cap; FDV is $2.2B. ApeCoin might be a clue to how market participants view $MEME's future - Mad Lads NFT collection on Solana hitting another ATH - volumes have fallen to launch levels as the hype dies down (chart by @NFTStats on Twitter)

Volumes on normalise to around launch levels