gm - July 31st, 2022

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Both BTC and ETH have an uneventful end to Asia’s weekend, both softer 0.3% on lower volumes. BTCUSD sits at $23,750 on $43B of volumes, while ETHUSD sits comfortably at $1710 on $11B of volumes, almost half of the norm these past few days. All but one NFT/Metaverse name are up slightly, about 0.5% across $APE, $SAND, $MANA, and $LOOKS. $AXS is the only standout, lower by 3.5% to trade at $18.43.

EVM-based NFTs had a very low turnover of $10M, while Solana-based NFT volumes were flat day-over-day at $1.5M. OpenSea volumes were right around $10M as well, with LooksRare barely at $400k. The entire NFT market volume was $13M, so overall an uneventful day in this space. Sorare takes the top spot on volumes sitting at $1M, as it continues to place in the top 5 almost every day this past week. Potatoz is at $850k, a healthy volume for the second day in a row.

Blue-Chip NFTs overall saw much lower volumes, with only BAYC and MAYC hitting $1M volumes on the day. Bored Apes kept its floor price flat at 85.5 ETH, but Mutants traded lower to 16.29 ETH as ETHUSD strengthens. Otherwise, our dashboard shows project floor prices across were within a +/-5% band, which is quite a low volatility day.

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August starts. Just 2 more months and this scorching summer is over!

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