gm - July 30th, 2022

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Crypto markets continue the rally over the weekend, with BTCUSD leading the way, now trading at $24,475 a +1.5% day on $56B. ETHUSD softer 0.6% to $1720 on decent volumes of $18B. NFT/Metaverse names are strong, $MANA leading the way +6.5% and $AXS up 5.7%. $APE, $SAND, and $LOOKS are up 3–4%.

EVM-based NFTs had $13.5M change hands in the past 24hrs, while Solana-based NFTs had a lower turnover of $1.4M. OpenSea shows $14.7M on the day while LooksRare sits slightly above half a $million. Potatoz posted a strong day of $1.3M turnover post-reveal, and Sorare is $750k on the day. NFT volumes as a whole are down 17% day over day.

Blue-Chip NFTs were relaxed, with only BAYC sticking out with $2.1M volumes with the floor price hanging tight at 85.33 ETH. Most projects saw volumes softer 10~30% day over day. VeeFriends hasn’t picked up in volumes at all despite the headline news yesterday of the project's closure of a $50M Seed Round led by a16z.

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