gm - July 28th, 2022

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Markets busted out the rally monkey after JPow’s 75bps hike and the US officially in recession. Hopium on the Fed saving the markets with more QE has kept things resilient (or TPTB has held up markets temporarily until zey dump). BTCUSD seeing healthy volumes of $66B, trading 3.3% higher to $23700. ETHUSD is also at higher volumes of $30B, almost double vs. yesterday, and is trading at $1720. With NFT/Metaverse names, $LOOKS is ripping higher, +11% to 42cents, while the others are up 2–3%.

EVM-based NFTs traded $14M on the day, with Solana-based NFTs hitting the $2M mark. OpenSea sees a healthy $15M of volumes, with LooksRare at $700k in the past 24hrs. All the new projects have disappeared from the rankings list, with only Ledger Market Pass coming close to the top 10 but having volumes drop 82% to just under $300k. Isekai and MoonCatz are no longer near the top after the buzz died down pre-reveal.

Blue-Chips however are seeing volumes return, with BAYC at $1.6M turnover and MAYC posting $1.5M. BAYC floor price saw no change, while MAYC floor price is up +6.1% to 17.5 ETH. Moonbirds are over half a $million in turnover with floor pricing up 7.6% to 21 ETH.

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Solana’s traction is impressive!


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