gm - July 27th, 2022

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Markets calmed after yesterday’s mass unwind. BTCUSD is back above $21k to $21,445 on $45B of volumes. ETHUSD is just shy of $1500, with a $16.2B turnover. NFT/Metaverse names are up 1~2% across as things are relaxed. $COIN managed to get hammered back down to below $60 this week, now hanging at $56 as I type.

EVM-based NFT volumes were lower to $13.6M, with Solana-based NFTs at $2M. OpenSea is about $13M turnover in the past 24hrs, as LooksRare hangs at $0.5M on the day. Ledger Market Pass again takes the cake with $2.1M volumes, with many complaining they couldn’t get on the list. Sorare posted $1.2M on the day, continuing for the second day in a row of being in the top-5 projects.

Blue-Chip NFT projects had lower volumes overall, as BAYC dropped to half of the turnover to $1M, although floor price holds steady at 86 ETH. MAYC also halved in volumes to $0.5M vs. yesterday, floor price ticking lower to 16.5 ETH. CryptoPunks had 5 txns, seeing the same volume as MAYC. CloneX is also at a $0.5M turnover, as the floor price quietly continues lower, now handing at 8.9 ETH.

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Headlines in NFT today:

Chipotle’s ‘Buy the Dip’ game

HARTi and Mitsui Sumitomo roll out NFT insurance coverage for claims

Unstoppable Domains Reaches Unicorn Status After Latest Raise

Crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly facing an SEC investigation over securities

ENS name wrapper is almost here — ERC1155 wrapper for ENS

‘Crypto Star’ Immutable, Creator of NFT Game Gods Unchained, Lays Off Over 20 Staff

damien hirst to burn ‘the currency’ as buyers can’t own both NFT & physical artwork

Erick Calderon: NFT Platform Art Blocks’ Rapid Growth ‘Felt Unreasonable’

source: Blockworks


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