gm - July 25th, 2022

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Crypto markets are relaxed, if not slightly softer — BTCUSD is just under $22k, -2.5% on the day. ETHUSD is also pretty much the same, -2.5% to $1535 on $18B in turnover — the same as yesterday. NFT/Metaverse names were for the most part lower, outside of $APE which is holding at $6.50. $AXS is -7.4% to $15.94, and $SAND, $MANA are lower ~5%.

EVM-based NFT turnover is much lower on the day at $12M, with OpenSea seeing close to $15M volumes on the day. Solana-based NFTs are healthy again though, with $2.4M in volumes. Sorare saw $1M in turnover, down quite a bit from yesterday but is still the leading project on the day. Isekai Meta is still active with $800k changing hands pre-reveal. Otherwise a rather uneventful day.

Looking at Blue-Chip projects, BAYC had $1M in volume as its floor price drags lower to 87.5 ETH. Mutants had a half-million-dollar day with a steady floor price of 17.0 ETH. CloneX floor price sits just on 9.0 ETH now, decent turnover of $400k, keeping a top 10 slot in the past-24hrs in terms of volumes.

Cyan has enabled the Trending PFP Vault and the Digital Land Vault to onboard other popular and liquid projects. These include Adam Bomb Squad, Azuki, DeadFellaz, Goblins, Moonbirds, and Otherdeeds. Many more have been added, the full list is in the announcement below!

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Headlines for NFTs:

NFTs are coming for the loyalty perks programs at brands like Budweiser

GameStop took down an NFT based on a 9/11 victim

Play-to-own, NFTs and Web3: Crypto Raiders drops knowledge with NFT Steez

Momentum in NFTs shifts to brands

Solana NFT utility protocol Cardinal raises $4.4 million in seed funding

NFT company will make its own Minecraft game with the same “playstyle, look and feel” following Mojang ban

YongYea: After Microsoft's Ban Of Minecraft NFTs, NFT Worlds Crashes & Is In Disarray

Metaverse real estate sales to grow by $5B by 2026: report


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