gm - July 19th, 2022

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Markets take a chill pill after the massive ramp-up driven by ETH these past 48–72hrs. ETHUSD hangs just above $1500, softer -3.5% from yesterday on a healthy 28B of volumes. BTCUSD is basically unch, right at $22850 on $56.5B of volumes. NFT/Metaverse names are relaxed for the most part, outside of $MANA which has popped +6.1% to 97 cents. $APE is trading +3.9% to $6.18, continuing its momentum from the weekend. It's worth noting that $COIN (Coinbase) is up +7.9% to $63.32, after weeks of hanging in the $50-range.

EVM-based NFT volumes are healthy today at $18.5B, a -10% drop but still good compared to the $15M/day volumes from last week. Solana-based NFT volumes track above $2M at $2.7M, while Flow and BNB-based NFTs see $700k for each. CryptoPunks continue to post decent volumes, with a turnover of $2.4M on the day.

Individual projects have a few standouts — BAYC saw double the volume vs. yesterday, at $2.1M, and floor price kept steady at 93.9 ETH. MAYC didn’t quite hit $1M but was +15% in volumes for the day. Otherdeeds relaxed a bit, with $1M in turnover vs. near $2M yesterday. Otherwise, rest of the Blue-Chips were quiet. Worth noting NBA Top-Shots had $0.5M turnover.

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NFT headlines on the day:

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Uniswap and Coinbase now have nearly equal daily volumes.

OpenSea leading the way on Gas again!


Here’s to praying to the crypto gods to keep ETH & BTC stable through the next Fed mtg 🙏

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