gm - July 17th, 2022

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Crypto markets pump as the excitement surrounding the ETH 2.0 merge increases given the merge date was announced 48hrs ago to be sometime in September, with Goerli testnet merge set for August 11th. ETHUSD is up close to 10% to $1350, on healthy volumes of $18.5B. BTCUSD is following to a much lesser extent, only up 2% to just under $21.2k on a $24B turnover. Solana is strong, +5.5% to $39.5, along with BNB which is +4.8% to just under $250. $APE is trading right at $5 after Yuga’s successful first demo session of the Otherside as 4500 users simultaneously experienced actual gameplay, fighting a Koda at the end. $SAND, $AXE, $MANA up 2~3% on thinner volumes. Finally, $LOOKS continues is move up, +12.4% on the day to over 40 cents now.

NFT volumes bounce back, with EVM-based NFTs seeing a $25.8M turnover, a 77% increase over 24hr period. Solana-based NFTs finally surpass the $2M level, turnover at $2.4M on the day. OpenSea had $13.3M in volume, with basically unchanged average txn prices of $151. LooksRare had $2.9M with average txn prices dropping -24% to $2,347. CryptoPunks continue to kill it, with $9M in total turnover, with a few headline trades circulating over the weekend.

In terms of project volumes, Yuga Labs-related collections saw an uptick in turnover and prices, with Otherdeeds seeing $3.1M, a +200% pick up. BAYC was $1.6M in turnover while MAYC was up to $700k, both floor prices up slightly in 24hrs, 98 ETH and 19.6 ETH respectively. Meebits calm down and had a turnover of ~$187k with floor price off to 5.2 ETH from 5.4 ETH yesterday. Doodles picked up some volume to $386k with floor pricing up to 13.6 ETH.

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