gm - July 16th, 2022

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Crypto markets were slightly softer in Asia hours, but have sprung to life as the US wakes up. ETHUSD trades at $1257 now, with volumes of $17.5B which is pretty much the same as yesterday. BTCUSD is just under $21k now, on slightly lower volumes of $26B. NFT/Metaverse-related tokens are for the most part unchanged, with only $LOOKS the standout trading +16% higher to 36 cents on $18M volumes, over double vs. yesterday.

EVM-based NFT volumes are +27% in the past 24hrs, with a $19M turnover. Solana-based NFT volumes still under $2M at $1.5M, -9% vs. yesterday. BSC-based NFTs had double the volumes today, almost matching Solana-based at a $1.3M turnover. OpenSea volumes were $12.5M with average prices at $141. LooksRare saw a drop in average prices to $3066 but saw a significant pickup in volume to $2.6M.

Meebits continues to attract attention as it sees $2.5M in volumes with average prices jumping to 56.2 ETH, a 72% pick up — floor prices remain 5.3 ETH. BAYC hangs at 98.0 ETH floor price with mediocre volumes and no noteworthy purchases on the day. MAYC is much the same, with floor price stable at 18.4 ETH and volumes half that of BAYC.

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NFT headlines on the day:

Tony Hawk is entering the world of NFTs with ‘the biggest skatepark in the metaverse’

CryptoPunks NFT Owner Sells for $7 Million Loss — But There’s a Catch

Flipkart ventures into NFTs with Nothing’s airdrop

Shanghai gives nod to NFT trading platforms

Tencent shuts down NFT platform as gov policy makes it impossible to thrive

UK Lawsuit Delivered via NFT after High Court Ruling

34% of gamers want to use crypto in the Metaverse, despite the backlash

Nouns funding the Protocol Guild Pilot


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