gm - July 14th, 2022

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USDJPY shot up to 139.0 during Asia hours, with it trending on Japanese Twitter today. EURUSD breaks lower beyond par to trade at 0.996, the first time in 20 years. Twitter went down for 15min just earlier, which increased worldwide productivity by 63.2% according to Dr. Parik Patel.

ETHUSD works its way back lower to just under $1100 on $18B of volumes, a healthy increase from $12B mark yesterday. BTC flirted above $20k intraday but is now back to $19650 as I type on $33B of volumes. NFT/Metaverse tokens were up, anywhere between 3~6% across $APE, $MANA, $SAND, and $AXS. $APE in particular saw an increase in volumes of 1.5x and was trading above $4.5 intraday. $LOOKS jumped +5% to just under 30 cents as 30d realized volatility sits just under 100v.

NFT markets didn’t see much change in volumes of activity overall, with EVM-based NFT volumes at $17M on the day and Solana-based NFT volumes again below $2M. OpenSea was $13.1M turnover in the past 24hrs, with average ticket sizes almost staying the same at $138 on 94k txns. LooksRare volumes look unchanged at $1.8M but on fewer txns causing the average txn price to jump to $4059, a whopping 128% increase.

As for Blue-chips, overall there were fewer txns across 103 vs. the norm of ~150 in 24hrs. BAYC leads with $2.3M volumes across the major marketplaces, with average prices of 122.36 ETH vs. 95.0 ETH floor price now. Meebits are still relatively healthy as well, seeing close to $1M in turnover driven by a few high ticket purchases pushing the figure higher — floor price is lower by 4.5% to 5.44 ETH. MAYC saw $500k in volumes with floor price virtually unchanged at 18.75 ETH.

NFT headlines for today:

GameStop’s Ethereum NFT Sales Dwarf Coinbase NFT in Two Days

Deep in Crypto Winter, a CryptoPunks Ethereum NFT Sells for $2.6M

Polygon Joins Disney’s ‘Accelerator Program’ to Develop AR, NFT and AI Experiences

Snap eyes adding NFTs as AR filters in Snapchat

Ryder-Ripps preparing his legal team to fight against Yuga Labs

Serena Williams bought a Clone X

World’s rarest whisky to be auctioned as NFT starting at $75,000

Axie Infinity NFT Sales Rising Amid ‘Play-and-Earn’ Transition

Dead or Alive creator announces his new studio’s first game and, oh no, it’s an NFT thing

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