gm - July 10th, 2022

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ETHUSD holding steady over the weekend, trading at $1220 as I type, pretty much unchanged from yesterday on significantly lower volumes of $9B. NFT/Metaverse tokens are also unchanged in the past 24hrs on thinner volumes. $LOOKS is -4% on roughly half the volume vs. yesterday at $8M turnover. Markets seem to be digesting all the news flow this past week — one exciting observation is Celsius has paid back all their DeFi loans but seems to be ghosting all the others. Being on-chain and public does seem to incentivize good behavior, so count that as a win for DeFi.

NFT turnover is slightly higher in the past 24hrs, with EVM-based NFTs seeing $17.5M in volumes, although Solana-based NFTs are still under $2M turnover (of $1.4M). This is all with OpenSea volumes lower by 17% to $6.4M, representing less than half of the EVM-based NFT turnover — others such as NFT Trader and Genies are doing well as LooksRare didn’t see the volume pick up. Average ticket size on OpenSea sits at $141 vs. $150 yesterday, while LooksRare’s average ticket size dropped 33% to $1048 from $1572.

Looking at individual PFP projects, BAYC’s floor price has ticked up +1.6% to 91.7 ETH, with volumes flat at around $2.1M across the major NFT marketplaces. BAKC (the doggies!) has seen a significant pick up in volumes of +27%, and the floor price is up 33% to 8.5 ETH as the average traded price sits at 8.66 ETH. Doodles saw a pick up in floor price, +9% to 13.5 ETH with a slight uptick in volumes but half the txn activity (only 5 recorded in 24hrs). Overall, the rest of the Blue-Chips remain quiet.

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