gm - December 22nd, 2022

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Crypto markets are softer on the day, with Ethereum down -2.3% to $1188 and Bitcoin off -1.3% to $16.7k. The SDNY has made some big moves this week, the latest a speech by US Attorney Damian Williams saying “If you participated in misconduct at FTX or Alameda, now is the time to get ahead of it. We are moving quickly and our patience is not eternal.” Caroline Ellison and FTX’s Gary Wang have pleaded guilty to DOJ’s Fraud charges and are fully cooperating with authorities — in a filing, they state Wang knowingly built the supposed ‘backdoor’ for SBF to siphon out funds quietly. Crypto Twitter detectives were quick to point out the laundering cycle of FTX to Biden donations, to Ukraine, and back to FTX.

NFT volumes hit close to $25M in total on the day, nearly half of it mostly driven by the Bored Ape collections! ETH-NFTs were $21M, Solana-NFTs at $1.7M, and Polygon at $800k. BAKC, BAYC, MAYC, and Otherdeeds were $10M in total on the day after the “Jimmy the Monkey” video hit — mixed reviews on the animation quality, but nonetheless got the community talking about the upcoming mints in January. Otherwise, Azuki had $1.8M somewhere in between all the Yuga projects.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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