gm - December 18th, 2022

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Crypto markets were quiet today as BNB recovers back to $250, a +4% on the day. Bitcoin is at $16.7k and Ethereum is at $1180. Binance FUD seems to have simmered as the weekend closes, but Dirty Bubble Media put out a thread and article entitled “NEW: IS BINANCE US A FAKE EXCHANGE?” 2 hours ago so the saga may continue. OKX was down earlier today and Gate experienced problems as Alibaba Cloud servers in HK Zone C went down.

NFT volumes were healthy again today, though driven mainly by the top 4 projects by turnover. ETH-NFTs were $20M, Polygon-NFTs at $4.4M, and Solana-NFTs at $1M. BAYC sits atop again with a $5.5M volume on 70 trades! Trump is right behind, with $3.6M in turnover across 4800 trades, which puts Polygon on the map. Mutant Hound Collars makes an appearance with $2.3M in volume, seemingly coming out of nowhere. MAYC also has an impressive day with $1.7M in turnover.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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