gm - August 9th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes return with a vengeance, almost crossing the $20M line across the top 10 chains. EVM takes the top spot with $9M, while Polygon comes in strong with a $5.5M print driven by DraftKings. Solana has $2.5M, with $1M of that explained by volumes from Tensorians. Mythos is a healthy $750k as DMarkets is 100% of this volume, coming in fifth place in collections today. The top five NFTs sold in the past 24 hours are all CryptoPunks, ranging from $85k to $326k.

In crypto but non-NFT related news, the Fed has announced a new oversight program for crypto activities, suggesting it may actually greenlight the recent applications from Blackrock for an ETF relatively soon - insiders are reporting this may come within the next six months. Our Twitter timelines are now filled with influencers bragging about the monthly bag provided by daddy Elon, so today's focus is on how to mine for activity on Twitter, sprinkled in with Rollbit's token and Kyle/Zhu's OPNX exchange.