gm - August 6th, 2023

gm 👋 The weekend wraps up in Asia with ~$14M in NFT volumes in the past 24 hours. EVM leads as always with $10M, and Solana and Mythos with $1M each. DMarket took the top spot in collection turnover, with $1M in total, followed by BAYC and Gods Unchained with $500k each. Azuki Elementals and Milady had +10% moves in floor prices, now trading at 0.62 ETH and 3.57 ETH respectively. The BAYC ecosystem didn't see any meaningful moves over the weekend.

NFT trader Hanwe boldly declared he took advantage of a bot on Blur which was shadow copying his bids and came out of it with $1.5M - Twitter account elizab.eth can be seen asking him to return 90% of the 'stolen' funds. StockEd, who is a strong supporter of Azukis, had his wallet drained for ~$3M in NFTs after clicking a nefarious Google ad for LooksRare. It's an excellent reminder to be extra careful in checking URLs! Lastly, Doodles has announced a partnership with Crocs to release Doodles-themed crocs - floor prices have barely moved, however.